cat playing with cactus cat scratcher
cat playing with cactus scratching post
cat playing lying next to cactus cat tree
Cactus Cat Scratcher
Cactus Cat Scratcher
Cactus Cat Scratcher
Cactus Cat Scratcher
Cactus Cat Scratcher
Cactus Cat Scratcher

Cactus Cat Scratcher

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- Stress reliever: keeps cats away from the furniture
- Stable platform: supports climbing and jumping
- High quality materials: scratch resistant sisal rope
- Healthy cat nails: promotes satisfying scratches
- Dangling ball: provides hours of fun play
- 2 sizes available: Single-Pole and 3-Pole models
- 2 colors available: Green and Green & Brown

Enjoy watching your kitty swat, chase, and play with our Cactus Scratching Post all day long! It’s sturdy, stable and perfect for both clawing and climbing. Wrapped in high quality sisal rope (same material used in high grade carpeting) it stands up to even the most scratch-happy cats, taking their gaze (and paws) off the furniture you love.

Adventurous cats can stand guard from the top of the Cactus Cat Scratcher, while sleepier kitties will be found dozing on the base. Plus, the dangling ball will trigger their stalking and attacking instincts providing hours of entertaining.

The top of the Cactus Scratching Post features a moppy fabric plush material that feels great for cats to rub and nuzzle. The fun cactus shape adds a cute design element to your home, plus it’s super easy to assemble.


All of our models blend easily into most homes, décor and types of furnishing. The 27-inch 3-Pole Cactus Cat Tree can be enjoyed by cats of all shapes and sizes, but for floor-dwelling felines the 3-Pole 21-inch version is also an option. For smaller spaces our 21-inch Single Pole Cactus Cat Scratcher will make the room feel a little less crowded.